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I am going for an MRI scan and i have gold teeth will it be a problem?

I am going for an MRI scan and i have gold teeth will it be a problem? because high-powered magnetic fields are involved, patients cannot have this scan if they have any metal in their body (such as heart pace-makers) and some people like me have gold teeth, does this count as metal or is gold a different type of metal. i am worried and feel too stupid to ask the doctors before i go for the scan. does anyone have any advice?

I am going for an MRI scan and i have gold teeth will it be a problem?
Fillings are not a problem. Period.

The technologist will ask you about metal in your body and for the sake of complete disclosure you should tell her about the fillings and anything else. Gold fillings are non-ferromagnetic and do not move in a magnetic field.

The biggest concern about metal is if you have done soldering and could have metal fragments near your eye--the fragments could move and damage the eye. Shrapnel can also sometimes move.

Any device which involves an electric current, like pacemakers or neurostimulator units, will stop working in the MRI due to the strong magnetic field. For obvious reasons, this is bad!

People with metal implants, like surgical clips in the brain, vascular stents, heart valves, and joint replacements, need to inform the doctor or technologist prior to the scan. Some of these devices are safe but others are not (sometimes it depends on how long it%26#039;s been since the device was placed).

Any other questions, feel free to ask.
Reply:Usually only iron based metals (like steel) are affected by magnets.

Ask your doctor, but I doubt that gold will be affected.


...After you fill out a screening form, a technologist will explain the exam, answer your questions and let you know if you need to change into a hospital gown. You/your child will be asked to remove watches, credit cards and all jewelry, except 14k gold....
Reply:Gold is a non ferrous metal. It has zero iron content and is not magnetic. Shouldnt be a problem for your scan
Reply:They will ask you before you go through the MRI. The MRI is a VERY sensitive piece of machinery and will actually be damaged by large amount of magnetic fields.... metal. Just let doc know you are concerned and he will check into it for you. Just remember, HE WORKS FOR YOU, and has your best interests in mind. With out you, he don%26#039;t get paid.
Reply:Your doctor should have told you everything about this. Are you serious to ask such questions here or are you just mad, idiot killing your time?
Reply:No, they can compensate for them. I had an MRI scan and forgot to tell them about the metal plate i have to hold my 3 dentures.Luckily they found out and told me after the scan.

Don%26#039;t listen to Yoda...Gold is NOT magnetic !!!!!
Reply:I doubt if it will affect you,as a lot of people have fillings and when i went for my MRI not so long ago,i wasn%26#039;t asked what type of fillings i had and i didn%26#039;t have a problem.

As for feeling too stupid to ask your doc then i feel that you are stupid not to ask your doc as that%26#039;s what these people are there for,after all would you put your car in the garage for a service and feel to stupid to tell the mechanic that the brakes were dodgy.I rest my case,My policy is %26quot;Don%26#039;t ask,Don%26#039;t get%26quot;
Reply:Its not a stupid question. Just tell the nurse or technician that you are somewhat concerned by the procedure and you know metals can be a problem. Gold, silver and platinum are normally ok. If there is an issue they will take an x-ray to check. Any matal will show very clearly in an x-ray.
Reply:It won%26#039;t be a problem.
Reply:inside a MRI scanning machine are 2 coils and the magnetic fields is created around them and you are between them. They might need to change the coils because of you teeth. (you have got to tell the doctors before you go because they might have to give you a new appointment if you tell them on the day you have your scan) you will feel a tingling sensation in your mouth. I go for MRI scans they have to change the coils and i can still see my vns in-plant moving it is like a pace-maker

hope it goes well for you.
Reply:I doubt it is a problem. I went in with my gold wedding ring on and a genital piercing made of steel and forgot about them. halfway through I was trying to call out to the man but he couldnt hear me. Once I was out he said it wasnt a problem at all and they only remove most items to be safe. It would be very unusual for you not to have to fill out a questionnaire when you get there which askes you questions like this. it is most definitely not a silly question at all.

I do have a funny story though. I am a Neonatal RN and recently one of our RN%26#039;s had to take a baby down to MRI in a metal cot. As the MRI%26#039;s are always powered up where I work she wheeled the cot into the room (luckily the baby had been removed) and as she become near the MRI the cot waas flung up against it and stuck very firm. She said her fingers were very close to being stuck in between. Subsequently the radiologist was VERY unimpressed and the MRI had to be turned off to have the cot removed.


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